Hot Rods & Muscle Cars

As Patience grew, we found a large number of local hot rodders that had great looking cars but didn’t really function as well as they looked. It began with suspension setup, and what we have come to call “catalog builds”-a bunch or high end parts bought and bolted on a car that don’t work that well together. Coming from setting up race cars, it was pretty obvious that we could help. We now specialize in modernizing street rod and hot rod suspensions whether a simple shock upgrade, coilover conversion, bigger brakes or a fully custom chassis, it’s all in our wheelhouse. We can also diagnose and repair the dredded wiring issues that plague so many home built cars. Most of the time, it’s something simple and was just not quite wired right. Other times it’s best to just start over and rewire the whole car. Either way, we’ve got it covered.